Thursday, August 17, 2006

Biological weddings!

Allow me to present my excuses for the lack of posts over the last week... we have been entertaining guests from afar - well, Barcelona! As well as trying to keep their (very cute) 2 year old occupied, I have been attempting to explain the concept of Ethical Weddings to them. They seemed very receptive to the idea but having not spoken Spanish for nearly a year, I was struggling a bit for the translation of eco-friendly, recycled, vintage, fair trade ('comercio justo' since you ask!) ...and organic. 'Organico', 'organica' - I tried but apparently no. In Spain, the term they use for what we understand as organic is 'biologico' - biological. With my English fondness for alliteration, and knowledge of Spanish (wedding in Spanish is 'boda'), I spotted an opportunity to move into the Spanish wedding market with, wait for it... 'Bodas Biologicas'! So, do you fancy a biological wedding? What would a biological wedding consist of? Answers on a postcard please! And talking of postcards, Ethical Weddings is off to France for a week of relaxation and wine tasting so... a bientot mes amis! Katie x Image courtesy of Technorati tags:


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