Friday, August 11, 2006


Wow - weddings are world news now! In last week's Sunday Times (under World news), this little gem caught my eye: 'Bridezillas fall to earth with the blues' Apparently, more and more brides are being diagnosed with PWD - that's Post Wedding Depression to you and me (previously described as PND - Post Nuptial Depression in The Observer in 2003, or PBD - Post Bridal Depression on Australia's The depression sets in once the confetti has settled, the dress is back in its box, and the last drop of champagne has been drunk. After the build-up to the big day, every day life seems mundane and dull. Sounds worrying... So what can you do to ward off this condition that in some cases has been known to develop into clinical depression? Well, if you're reading this blog, chances are you're doing it already. According to The Sunday Times article, 'The bigger the wedding, the harder the return to ordinary routines'. It goes on to say that, 'The vogue for ever more expensive and elaborate ceremonies appears to be creating a generation of brides-in-therapy who never recover from the loss of attention that accompanied their wedding planning.' Planning an ethical or green wedding, while it can still take up a lot of time, tends to lead brides and grooms to look at ways of downsizing their wedding, to avoid excess and waste wherever possible, and to make the most of local services and products. Picking up the tab once the event is over can be made a bit easier by the thought that some of your hard-earned cash is helping to support businesses and causes that you believe in. All that planning can set you up for a more sustainable married life too as, chances are, you will have stumbled across some great resources in the process of sourcing items such as fair trade clothes, organic food and wine, stylish vegan shoes, ethical jewellery and eco-friendly transport for the big day. And let's not forget the green gift list that's kitted you out with all the latest energy-saving gadgets for carbon neutral wedded bliss! So... in conclusion, if you want to beat the bridal blues, go green! Take care, Katie Technorati tags:


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