Thursday, September 07, 2006

Share your ethical wedding story!

BBC TV has contacted us to see if we know of any brides and grooms planning an ethical wedding who would be interested in taking part in a documentary about weddings that are a bit out of the ordinary. Could be a great way to let the world know that a green wedding doesn't require you to walk up the aisle in a hemp sack! If you think you might be up for it, read more here... TELEVISION WANTS TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT YOUR BIG DAY FOR ‘WEDDING STORIES’ Are you getting married between now and mid November 2006? The BBC is interested in speaking to couples who feel that they have an unusual story to tell and would be happy to be filmed in the weeks leading up to their big day. Are you planning something out of the ordinary for the ceremony? Are you marrying someone from another country? Whatever the story – wedding or civil partnership - we would like to be there to capture the moments up to and including that special journey up the aisle. If you would like to share your story why not give us a call? We will be happy to talk to you in more detail about the programme and will treat your call as confidential. Tel: 020 8752 5724 Or email Take care Katie Technorati tags:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Going for gold?

This morning a newly engaged couple from London led a march along Oxford Street calling for jewellers to take action to ensure the gold they sell is mined ethically. Independent Catholic News tells how a twenty strong congregation of CAFOD campaigners carried a 100 metre long signed gold chain petition to deliver to jewellery retailer Argos on New Oxford Street. The couple has signed up to CAFOD's Unearth Justice campaign, calling on UK high street jewellers to sign up to the 'Golden Rules', twelve principles for ensuring that gold mining does not destroy communities and the environment, and to work to ensure the gold they sell has been responsibly mined. They said: "We want to be proud of our wedding bands, not feel guilty wearing them." Read Independent Catholic News' account here: Wedding blues as couple search for pure gold If you're trying to choose your wedding rings but are concerned about the social and environmental issues, why not take a look at the Unearth Justice and No Dirty Gold campaigns? And for companies who are already thinking about - and acting on - the issues, check out this little list... April Doubleday Cred Jewellery Green Karat (US based) Leber Jeweler - Earthwise Jewelry (US based) Silver Chilli Sumiche (US based) Or you could ditch the metal altogether with... Touch Wood Rings (US based) Wooden Wedding Rings Let us know which rings you opt for and why here - and if you have pics, we'll post them on the blog! Take care Katie Technorati tags: