Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The bride wore green?!

After a bit of a blog block for the last few weeks, Ethical Weddings is back with a guest spot from Joanne Mackin of Wholly-Jo's. So, over to you, Jo! Hello! My name is Joanne and I am an ethical wedding dress designer. Here is my mini guide to a green wedding dress. 80% of brides keep their wedding dress after the event but only 20% or so wear it again. It is virtually impossible to meet all the criteria that you may think of for a wedding dress. So decide what is most important to you and go for that angle. Think vegan, fair trade, organic, sustainable... In no particular order: Re-use - get hold of a pre-loved dress (!). Look to Mum (or even Grandma), sisters and friends. Oxfam run a small chain of bridal shops, charity shops, ebay etc. A local dressmaker will be able to alter it to fit or make adjustments to style or even just re-use the fabrics from one or more dresses to make a new dress. Finding a dressmaker: ask handy friends, try google, local fabric shops often have lists, yellow pages or try Sew Direct for a list of professional dressmakers in your area. Get one made from ethical fabrics - Do it yourself, ask a creative friend or try: Organic Silks Loop Fabric Greenfibres Fabrics Ltd Even a dress made from conventional fabrics by a local dressmaker will be more green than one produced in poor conditions in a faraway land. Hire one or buy one and re-sell it. Choose a dress you can wear again. Natural fibres can be dyed after the big day - or you could take the dress up to make it more wearable. Separates can be used with other items if you want to dress them down - a corset top with jeans, perhaps? If I can help let me know. I cover design, making, restyles and alterations. I can also supply ethical fabrics including peace silk (veggie silk). See my website or my listing on Ethical Weddings when it's all up and running! All the best, Joanne Thank you very much for the tips, Joanne - really helpful! We'll be back soon with the latest from London Fashion Week's sustainable fashion exhibition: Estethica Take care, Katie ethicalweddings.com Technorati tags:


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